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Earlier this year Suraj Babber (Managing Partner, FlyClub) had a Q&A article with our friends at Asian Wealth Magazine about the travel industry and what’s new, enjoy…

It’s the season when you start thinking about that well-deserved getaway. Bali, Maldives, Ras Al Khaimah, Las Vegas, New York, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Bangkok… wouldn’t it be lovely to just hop on a plane and book into a fancy hotel?

Whether you’re a sun-seeker, city dweller, culture enthusiast or a lover of luxury, look no further. FlyClub has specialist travel advisers who can help you plan your perfect trip, finding accommodation, flights, as well as devising an exciting itinerary. Working directly with their travel partners, FlyClub can also offer competitive rates for corporate customers.


2017 is an exciting year ahead for FlyClub. What new travel destinations are you offering?

For me it has to be Ras Al Khaimah in the UAE. Only 45 minutes away from Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah offers white sandy beaches with luxurious resorts, without the hustle and bustle of the city. All of the resorts cater for the Western market without losing the local culture and values. You will find some of the highest points in the UAE here, with breath-taking views from the local mountains. Our resort partners in this region offer all-inclusive packages too, giving you peace of mind whilst adding value to your holiday.


What’s the best thing about working in the travel industry?

No single day is the same and no customer enquiry is the same (we love being kept on our toes). We try our upmost best to meet every special request from our clients. For example, setting up a candle-lit private dining experience on the beach or your a private culinary classes by some of the world’s best chefs.


How has the FlyClub business grown over the past year?

We’ve grown our sales team and we are now offering more products than ever before. After working with particular destinations for years, we’ve now teamed up their tourism boards, enabling us to offer off the market incentives to our clients. Technology is forever changing, so we’ve taken on some new projects to make the booking experience even simpler for our clients.


There aren’t many businesses that can boast having a new office in a Chinese Pagoda style building. Why did you choose this location on Edgware Road in London?

Yes, it’s not your usual office block. Asia is such a big market for us and it helps that the building is located next to a well-established Chinese supermarket. Walking into such an amazing structure makes it feel like you’re on holiday yourself, and clients love it.




What deals can you make for corporate clients?

We have dedicated a team solely for corporate clients available on a dedicated line 24/7 to meet any out-of-office requirements. We are also able to negotiate exclusive rates and incentives based on numbers booked.


The FlyClub team has expanded. What does this mean for customer service? 

We like to keep the holiday booking experience intimate and always go the extra mile. As with most start-up businesses, the team started small, however I am proud to say it’s continued to grow. Our travel consultants are contactable on their mobiles and we’ll even come to your door in nearby London areas to discuss holiday packages.


How is booking with FlyClub different from using any other travel agent?

We are not just a Travel Agency, we offer a travel concierge service. Customers can speak to our consultants on an intimate one to one basis, rather than contacting a call centre, waiting to be put through to the right person. Not forgetting, we are continuously working hard in the background negotiating the best prices.


The people are at the heart of your business and your staff prioritise booking them a great holiday. Why is this a key philosophy?

We all lead such busy lifestyles. Time is valuable, so getting a holiday booking right is essential. The client puts their trust in us, so we owe it to them to deliver.  This is how we build loyalty, and why most of our clients always come back to us.


How many holidays do you take a year and how many should a jet-setting flexible worker expect to have?

This year has been extremely busy for me because of our new venture, Forever Cruises, but I tend to take two to three long haul holidays per year. Quality time out is essential. Having such great relationships with our trade partners, I’m usually invited to trial a product or destination too, but I share these opportunities with the team so we are completely confident of our recommendations.

I’d say everyone should aim for two to three holidays a year. You could make that four or five if you add in city breaks and take advantage of the amazing destinations Europe has to offer. We tend to forget about Europe, but with some destinations only an hour away it can be a great last minute getaway. A great tip is to book in advance.



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